US McDonald’s ice cream machine moldy food and drug inspection today in the Shanghai store and interview in China headquarters

Recently, a former employee who worked for McDonald’s in Louisiana, Louisiana, exposed the McDonald’s food safety issue and sparked a sensational effect in the world. For the United States McDonald’s shops accused of ice cream machine moldy news, Oriental Network reporter was informed that today the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration on the McDonald’s Shanghai store to carry out surprise sampling, and interviewed in Shanghai McDonald’s (China) headquarters.
It is understood that the evening of 26, a US McDonald’s ice cream machine moldy news so many users surprised, “McDonald’s ice cream was so dirty,” the news quickly spread in the global netizens.
Nick, who claimed to be a local college student in the United States, broke the news in social media. He worked for a McDonald’s in the Louisiana state of the United States to work for a hut, one day off, and he opened the machine back cover because of the ice cream machine case. The slot is dirty. He told the store manager to reflect the problem, the manager does not pay attention, even in Nick take the initiative to put forward their own after get off work to clean up, “after work to pay overtime” refused.
The second day of the incident, Nick was dismissed, he will be exposed in the Twitter on the above situation, the rapid spread on the network. At present, the US food safety department has been involved in the investigation. If the investigation is true, McDonald’s will face a huge ticket, all McDonald’s employees will re-accept food safety training, and Nick put the matter in the social media, triggering netizens hot.
July 26rd at 23 am, McDonald’s (China) Co., Ltd. issued a media statement overnight, “McDonald’s America is still investigating the authenticity of the incident,” and said “in China, McDonald’s restaurant use ice cream equipment, automatic daily automatic disinfection , To ensure food safety. ”
July 27, McDonald’s (China) has released a picture entitled “About the American ice cream machine, do not be misled it!” The picture, circulated in a circle of friends. The picture says the parts in the photo are the “clean drip tray” of the ice cream machine. “It is used to take part of the lubricant that may drip when the machine is running. This part is completely isolated from the milk and has no contact with the food.” ”
According to the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration to provide data to reporters, so far this year, the Shanghai regulatory authorities on the city’s McDonald’s store supervision and inspection 254 times, of which good 237 times, generally 17 times, there is no poor situation.
In order to ensure the safety of the people of Shanghai food, Oriental Network reporter was informed that this afternoon, the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration Law Enforcement Corps and the relevant regional market supervision and control of a total of four inspections of Shanghai McDonald’s shop on-site production of ice cream situation, also talked about McDonald’s (China) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai McDonald’s Food Co., Ltd. relevant person in charge, and do a good job of food safety work, and strictly fulfill the responsibility of the enterprise made a clear request.

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