They are busy in the hot sun when the time

2:35 pm, Zhao Yongqiang phone received a take-away distribution of the news. He slammed into the mouth of a cold water, pushing the battery car began to hurry. 2:40, Zhao Yongqiang arrived on the road of a spicy incense shop, only a few minutes to blow air-conditioning, and continue to hurry – this one will be sent to the National Road on the 3rd Bay Commercial Plaza, from the store rush It will take about 15 minutes.
“Lunch peak has ended, this time point a single user is relatively small, while you can eat a lunch.” Zhao Yongjiang wiped a sweat. Afternoon sun like fire, the temperature freeze at 37 ℃ above, and this time he has been working at high temperatures for four or five hours.
Zhao Yongjiang is an ordinary takeaway rider, is mainly responsible for the US group comments Wujiaochang area take-away distribution. This two weeks, Shanghai City, the surge in temperature, users do not want to go out, take-off riders to join the user and the restaurant under the sun “ferry.” “The sun is the most violent time, is our work peak.” Zhao Yongjiang jokes that every day from 11 am to 2 pm is the distribution peak, 3 hours, he needs to run more than 20 single. Wujiaochang area has a lot of old-fashioned area, no elevator, a few six-story climb up and down, a stop feeling exhausted will come up.
“These days a single volume rose very fast, the average increase of twenty or three percent of the amount of business, ‘footer’ more than usual.” He told reporters “show” a bit of background data, July 16, He received a total of 46 single, ‘foot course ’67 .9 km, which is only from the point of arrival to the destination of the distance statistics, if the count of the journey, I am afraid but also doubled, “these days, every day Run over a hundred kilometers. “
Rider most of the time in the battery car, the place of flying too much, the sun can carry the summer equipment is also limited. Out of work, Zhao Yongqiang generally only with three things – 1000 ml of the kettle and towel left and right in front of the bag in the pocket, the company made people Dan and other summer drugs are placed in the messenger bag. Various shops are to provide tea drink, waiting for the gap can sometimes go to wash his face, people Dan has never been used. These days hot days, the past one day in the kettle irrigation is enough, and now at least five or six times to irrigation.
Do take away little brother, most of the time in the sun. Continuous work for two years, Zhao Yongjiang was tan skin dark, but also summed up a lot of experience. For example, the most comfortable time, is to co-sink this large shopping malls to pick up, where air-conditioned enough to “steal the slightest cool”, but the time is very short. Take the ride on the road riding a wind, it will not feel too hot, “feel the hottest time is standing at the door of the customer, the corridor is not ventilated, 10 seconds sweat down. Every day to go home, the body of the clothes wet And dry, dry and wet, do not know what the taste. “
But Zhao Yongqiang and no complaints, he is most happy that such a high temperature days, the user is very respect for the sale of knights, “a lot of people received takeaway, will say a ‘hard master’, sounds particularly warm.”

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