The vehicle will be detained if the accident on the elevated road should be evacuated

Citizen driving in the elevated road after a minor traffic accident, the vehicle can move but not evacuated the scene, the normal passage of the road will have an impact. Reporters learned from the traffic police department today, since July, the police have more than “vehicles should be withdrawn from the” accident vehicles to take the car’s compulsory measures.

Article 70 of the Road Traffic Safety Law stipulates that if a traffic accident occurs on the road, only minor property damage is caused, and the basic facts are clear, the parties concerned shall first evacuate the site and then proceed to the consultation process. Article 13, paragraph 3 of the provisions of the provisions of the provisions of the provisions of the provisions of Article XIII: the evacuation of the site should not be evacuated, the traffic police should order the parties to evacuate the scene; caused by traffic congestion, the driver imposed a fine of 200 yuan; There are other road traffic safety violations, according to the law and punishment. “Road traffic accident handling procedures” Article 28 provides that: due to the need to collect evidence, the public security organs of the traffic management department can detain the accident vehicles and motor vehicle driving permit, and issued administrative enforcement measures certificate.

The city public security traffic police department on the elevated road after a minor accident “should be withdrawn” accident vehicle driver, impose a fine, will also be taken to detain the motor vehicle administrative coercive measures.

According to statistics, since July, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps elevated detachment investigated and dealt with “after the occurrence of traffic accidents, should be evacuated from the scene without evacuation, resulting in traffic congestion” illegal total of 45 cases. Among them, there are many accidents according to the police detained by the vehicle for further investigation and handling.

Since the October 1, 2009, “Shanghai motor vehicle traffic accident accident evacuation of the scene, self-consultation approach” since the formal implementation, there are still a few in line with the “quick withdrawal” conditions of the traffic accident parties can not do light Loss of the accident “fast off”, according to analysis, mainly worried about the evacuation of the scene after “not clear”, thus affecting the compensation. So stay on the scene, waiting for traffic police handling.

According to the traffic police corps elevated detachment statistics, since July, the city has been more than the road after the accident “should not withdraw” and was detained case.

July 28 12:25 Xu, the two detachment of the detachment of the police received a directive, Yan’an elevated south of the road near the Hong Xu on the ramp occurred with two car accident. Location just in the Hong Xu Road, between the next ramp, a serious impact on the normal passage of vehicles. The police the first time to call the police phone, requiring both parties to take pictures as soon as possible to evacuate the area does not affect the traffic. Ten minutes later, the police arrived at the scene, and this time the parties still remain in the accident location, the rear car dealers slow. According to the traffic accident handling procedures, the police have taken administrative coercive measures for detaining motor vehicles on both vehicles.

July 29 at 17 o’clock, the high detachment of the four brigade police received instructions: Humin elevated west side near Hong Mei interchange occurred with two car accident. Police alarm, many times with the parties to the accident call, asked the scene, clearly asked the parties to take evidence after the withdrawal of the scene, and told the “withdrawal should not withdraw” may bear the legal consequences. 17:18, the police arrived at the scene and found that two vehicles were parked in the first lane, resulting in the rear vehicle dealers slow. According to the traffic accident handling procedures, the police have adopted administrative enforcement measures for detaining motor vehicles for two accident vehicles.

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