The stolen car battery hid 200 thousand cash thief is dumbfounded

Mr Hu, who was more than 50 years old and lost 200 thousand yuan, has now recovered most of it, which makes him very happy. I can say how this is lost, Mr. Hu himself think “very magical”, “I went to the mahjong hall within 200 thousand minutes, after going out, the car is gone, does the thief know that I hid the money in the car?””
Don’t say Mr. Hu, even stealing a car thief, found in the car battery is stored in 200 thousand cash, also dumbfounded.
The secret in the battery car
1 weeks ago on June 24th, 11 late at night, more than 50 year old Hu (a pseudonym) panting to Shapingba Chen Jiaqiao police station reported that he parked on the roadside of a battery car lost.
Mr. Hu Run a store in Chenjiaqiao home, stolen the car battery he also bought almost a year, then bought 2000 yuan. But Mr. Hu was flustered and did not seem to have lost 2000 yuan.
“There’s 200 thousand in the box under my battery car seat.”……” Mr. Hu said, recently, the family has something, need money. He started collecting money from his family a week before the accident. Each time he took the money, Mr. Hu hid the money in the box under the battery car seat and hid it at home after returning home. Mr. Hu hid his money in his car when he went out. A week later, he had taken 200 thousand of his cash, wrapped it in a small plastic bag, and put it in the car when he was out, so he went home and hid the money at home.
The incident had 10 points that night, Mr. Hu came to a mahjong Chenjiaqiao Street vegetable market near the office, just a cable car parked on the mahjong door. But a few minutes later, when he came back, he found the car gone!
“Did the thieves stare at me for days and knew there was money in the car?”” Mr. Hu was very flustered and immediately came to the police station to report.
Find the torn car
Police station immediately retrieve the incident near the road monitoring, investigation. Since Mr. Hu parking position is Beijiexiaoxiang, and is in the middle of the night, until the second day at 6 in the morning, the police found the stolen car battery disappeared: was a middle-aged woman pushed away, but also a man.
The police through video surveillance tracking found that the suspect woman will steal Mr. Hu’s car battery, along the road has been pushed to the liaojiaping resettlement housing area 2 kilometers away.
Two suspects will be thrown into the car battery overnight and ring road near chenjiaqiao. When the police found the battery car, the car has been destroyed, the battery was unloaded, 200 thousand of the cash in the box is gone.
Because of frequent stolen car battery, the battery is removed for the case, the police judge, the suspect initially did not know the car hidden in a large sum of cash, so at the beginning of liaojiaping resettlement area near the investigation.
25 evening, the battery car stolen less than 24 hours, the police found the 40 year old woman zhang. Zhang admitted that she stole the battery car, and has 200 thousand cash points.
Zhang said, with her theft is 45 year old man Yang, two people are friends. The night of the incident, two people were wandering in Chenjiaqiao near the roadside electric car theft. Two people were stealing a car battery, pushed to the liaojiaping resettlement area, unloading the battery for money. But when they found that Mr. Hu has 200 thousand yuan in cash in the car battery, also dumbfounded!
After some discussion, the two decided to split the 200 thousand yuan equally. May Zhang home after some regret, think this car is she stole, she made the most, should be more points, and then find yang. Finally, Zhang share 150 thousand yuan, Yang share 50 thousand yuan.
Cosmetic hospital visit
After police investigation, another suspect Yang is Jiangjin. Yang whereabouts unknown, the police can only continue to track down. But Yang’s face is clear: the body is thin, bald.
Two days later, the police learned that a good friend Yang is a Shapingba hospital, judge Yang may go to see her, and then in the ward near the ambush.
Late in the night of June 28th, a man with a hat and sunglasses appeared outside the ward. The man’s dress was so striking that we were soon on the alert!” Police said they were identified, this man is Yang, he wore a hat and sunglasses, in order to avoid being recognized. “Maybe he thinks it’s a big deal to steal 200 thousand dollars.”.”
Recover most of the cash
Police then from Yang and Zhang home to get back most of the cash, totaling 165 thousand yuan. And the other 35 thousand yuan, two people succeeded, then use the money to pay the usual arrears.
3, the owner Mr. Hu learned that most of the cash has been recovered, very happy. Police investigators told the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter, if the stolen battery car does not have this 200 thousand yuan in cash, then Yang and Zhang at most enough to go to public security detention. Then 200 thousand yuan of cash in the reserve box, will allow two suspects facing jail.
At present, two suspects have been criminal detention.

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