The fifteenth ChinaJoy hot opening

Shanghai, 27 Jul (Xinhua) – The 15th China International Digital Entertainment Show (ChinaJoy) opened in Shanghai on the 27th. Exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world bring the latest products and Technology debut.
Information: July 29, 2016, 2016 International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition Chinajoy is held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The picture shows the name of the role of play. Wang Jin photo
ChinaJoy is one of the most influential annual events in the global pan-entertainment field. This year’s ChinaJoy to “peer 15, sharing pan-entertainment” as the theme, covering animation, gaming, live, Internet video and music, network literature, VR / AR and other hot areas.
On the same day, the players enjoy the interactive entertainment display area “in full swing”, increased to 130,000 square meters of the exhibition area with more than 5,000 experience machine, to attract the audience lined up “a try.” Intel, Microsoft and other international manufacturers have increased efforts to participate in the Chinese players to showcase the world’s most advanced game products and experience.
According to the organizers, the current ChinaJoy interactive entertainment show exhibitors nearly 300 exhibitors exhibitors up to 4000 models, a number of enterprises in the design of the booth to increase the experience area, to enhance the experience area of ​​service and equipment grade.
An area of ​​12,000 square meters of “E4-Intel Theme Pavilion” is particularly noticeable. This is jointly developed by Intel Lenovo, Dell and other heavyweight partners to build a high-tech experience of intelligent digital entertainment exhibition, gathered hundreds of top configuration PC. With the exclusive fan party at night, Intel will use the enhanced AR technology, build a full range of virtual venues for Chinese players to bring 360-degree real experience.
Coincides with the 15th anniversary of the current ChinaJoy also added a new music carnival, e-sports competition, official website video column CJTV, eLive China Entertainment Live Award “Red Eagle Award” awards ceremony 4 new official activities over the same period. Among them, ChinaJoy official website video column CJTV simultaneously launched eight live channels for live variety live live, nearly 80 live seats, nearly 100 popular host will be consecutive days for the online audience presents a distinctive ChinaJoy.
2017ChinaJoy will show to July 30.

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