Songjiang a woman high temperature days want to stalemate more than 3 hours was rescued by fire

The temperature continues to rise, the mood is also easy to get out of control. July 11 at 10:30 or so, Songjiang District Public Security Fire Brigade Songjiang Squadron reported that in Songjiang District, No. 68 in the creation of Caohejing Science and Technology Park, a middle-aged women in the fourth floor to suicide, half of the body Stuck out of the fence, and no one near anyone.

Songjiang fire squadron immediately sent to the scene, in order to ensure safety, fire officers and men pulled down the cordon downstairs, and set up a life-saving air cushion. Rescue staff soldiers in two ways, a group of players use the rope to do security protection, waiting for an emergency rescue, another group of staff with the police to persuade them to ease their excitement, trying to dispel the idea of ​​women suicide.

However, the woman’s emotions are always very excited, moving back and forth. She moved the fire fighters also move, the players continue to adjust the location of life-saving air cushion, and adjust the disposal plan. When the weather is getting hot, because of fear of heat stroke and an accident, after nearly three and a half hours after the stalemate, the fire rescue personnel decided to take the initiative. The soldiers caught the attention of the woman distracted by the moment, from the left and right sides “folder outflanking” clinging to the woman, its security transferred to the room, the success of its rescue.

According to the scene informed sources, the suicide woman claiming to have suffered a fraud, because the moment took things too hard, produced the idea of ​​suicide.

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