Shanghai today the maximum temperature can be washed 40 ℃ weekend maximum temperature will fall to 35 ℃

As of yesterday, Shanghai has appeared in July 17 high temperature day, high temperature is still “fighting” full, high temperature orange warning completed the “12 batter.” The next two days, the subtropical high is still strong and stable, Shanghai City, the maximum temperature can still rush to 40 ℃. However, the “barbecue” model and then adhere to two days, the temperature will gradually go down to 31 is expected to be the highest at 34 ℃.

And 22 days, the same high temperature orange warning, the afternoon yellow lightning warning and windy yellow warning to join in the fun, although Xujiahui station maximum temperature of 39 ℃, but after a cumulative rainfall of 7.9 mm of rain washed, Xujiahui once down to 29.1 ℃ The While the highest temperature in Jiading District reached 40 ℃, Jiading and Qingpu are hung with high temperature red warning. The next two days, is expected to Shanghai City, the maximum temperature is still 40 ℃.

Compared with the earlier typhoon, the typhoon active period in the northwest Pacific has recently arrived, typhoon No. 5 tyrone “deer”, Typhoon No. 6 “Rose”, Typhoon No. 7 “Locke”, Typhoon No. 8 Card “in just 34 hours. “China Meteorological enthusiasts” science account that this is the first time since 1994, “four typhoon dance.”

Meteorological department said that due to the high side of the strong, the current number of typhoons in Shanghai can not shake its “status”, but the sea east of the air flow will still have a certain degree of inhibition of high temperature. 26 days later, the temperature will show a slow down trend. This weekend, the maximum temperature can be reduced to 35 ℃, 31 is expected to fall to 34 ℃.


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