Shanghai appeared on the Bund ambush like Huangpu District: will strengthen the management inspection

Good Bund, was sleeping as an open-air dormitory? Recently readers have reflected that the well-known Shanghai Bund tourism platform to the night there are many people sleeping, or even shirtless, unpleasant scenery. In this regard, Huangpu District yesterday responded that, according to the provisions of the Bund Scenic Area prohibited to lie anywhere, will increase the night to strengthen management personnel inspection efforts.

“More than 40 ℃ in the barbecue days, the Bund’s sightseeing platform was born with a stunning wonders … …” In these pictures of the picture, the Bund appeared a lot of naked, four Yang Ba fork satisfied cool family, it is said that there are people Own tents, attracting a lot of visitors from the eye. In this regard, netizens have said that as one of the most famous scenic spots in Shanghai, the Bund is a business card in Shanghai, but these are barefoot, lying on the “sleep family”, obviously inconsistent with the surrounding environment, see It is very indecent.

Huangpu District yesterday confirmed that due to the special hot weather this year, coupled with the recent weather, beautiful gorgeous, every night a large number of tourists stranded in the river embankment, there have been some uncivilized behavior. In response to this phenomenon, the Bund Scenic Area Management Office held a special meeting to take measures to be regulated. According to the 2010 Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Decree No. 31 issued by the “Shanghai Bund Scenic Area Interim Provisions”, the Bund Scenic Area prohibits lying anywhere, sleeping, unauthorized structures, piling up and various obstacles or impede others Sightseeing activities. Bund will increase the ban on the activities of the above propaganda, the use of Jiang Di radio system, repeated broadcast tips. Not only that, the relevant departments will also strengthen the management of the Bund at night chaos. Additional night management staff, by the public security, urban management joint inspection, security team division of responsibility area, strengthen management efforts.

Management departments appeal to the general public tourists sightseeing, civilized cool. The Bund is the landscape of Shanghai, is the most characteristic of the Shanghai landscape, is also a tourist destination in Shanghai. Called the general public tourists can take care of the Bund, civilized sightseeing, civilized cool air, to establish a good image of Shanghai.


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