More than 60 cross – strait and Hong Kong and Macao experts and scholars gathered on the sea exploration mathematics education

Shanghai, 27 Jul (Xinhua) – “2017 cross-strait and Hong Kong and Macao region basic education exchange activities” 27 held in Shanghai. From the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, Hong Kong and Macao more than 60 primary and secondary school principals on behalf of the education sector and experts and scholars on the “21st century primary and secondary school mathematics education” in-depth discussion.
Yan Junqi, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, chairman of the Central Committee of the People’s Republic of China, Yan Junqi, president of the Ye Shengtao Research Association, pointed out at the opening ceremony that education on both sides of the Taiwan Straits is the same and the education is facing many common problems. We hope to provide a platform for people to share their experiences and experiences in the development of educational reform and development, and to contribute to the rational thinking and educational practice of education in the four places.
Yan Junqi also combined with personal learning experience to talk about the understanding of mathematics education. She stressed that the significance of mathematics education is far more than just the teaching of knowledge, it is in the cultivation of human thinking and innovation ability irreplaceable. Cross-strait in primary and secondary mathematics education have their own strengths, with their own characteristics, I hope everyone in the exchange of mutual inspiration, common sophistication.
Yuan Zhenguo, vice president of the Chinese Society of Education, also expressed the hope that the experts and scholars from both sides of the Taiwan Straits will contribute to the improvement of the level of mathematics education through communication and theoretical thinking and exploration of mathematics education.
“Power must be strong ‘number'”, Macao Mathematics Education Research Association Wang Zhennan life in mathematics education. He said in an interview with China news agency, said that more than 300 years ago, the Italian missionary Matteo Ricci first geometric and Western mathematical knowledge to Macau, and spread to the mainland. Today, Shanghai’s math textbooks have been introduced to the UK. “As a Chinese we are very pleased with this, as a math educator, we feel more important.”
Wang Zhennan that mathematics is the basic education in the “leading big brother”, how to emphasize is not excessive. After the cross-strait four exchanges are very few, this event is important and meaningful. Hong Kong and Macao regions of the education system and methods and the Mainland is different, through this event to bring the excellent teaching philosophy back.
Taipei City Primary School President Zhang Yongqin is the second time to participate in related activities. He believes that through the exchanges, cross-strait four basic education disciplines can understand each other, learn from each other and complement each other, each year different subject of targeted communication model, also by the participants widely recognized.
The event was co-sponsored by Minjin Central, China Education Association and Ye Shengtao Research Association.
After the opening ceremony, Zhang Min, president of the Institute of International and Comparative Education of Shanghai Normal University, gave a lecture entitled “Shanghai Mathematics Education and Teachers in International Comparative Perspective”. Before the meeting, experts and scholars also went to Shanghai 8 unique school of primary and secondary school visits.
The “cross-strait and Hong Kong and Macao region basic education exchange activities” for the second time. The first exchange event was held in Kunming last year, the theme of “balanced development of compulsory education.”

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