“Li Qiu” ≠ “into the fall” Shencheng this maximum temperature and then red 38 ℃

Li Qiu, is the lunar 24 solar terms in the first 13 solar terms, but also the first autumn solar terms. But the beginning of autumn does not mean into the autumn Shanghai today is still expected to reach the maximum temperature of 38 ℃. According to the meteorological division, the average daily temperature of 5 days for days ≤ 22 ℃, the first day as the beginning of the fall date. The fall of Shanghai will arrive in late September or early October after a month.

Shencheng Liqiu the highest temperature and then red 38 ℃, 8 days after the gradual easing of high temperature

Li Qiu, autumn is the first solar terms, marking the beginning of Mengqiu season. Yesterday, Shanghai Center Meteorological Observatory once again released high temperature orange warning, Xujiahui station maximum temperature reached 37 ℃, Pudong, Minhang, Qingpu maximum temperature also exceeded 37 ℃, the rest of the district in the basic about 36 ℃. Yesterday became the city of Shanghai this summer, 27 high temperature day.

Although today’s autumn, but the city is still high temperature. Is expected to cloudy today, the ground west to the southwest wind, the temperature is still relatively rapid rise, the maximum temperature of up to 37-38 ℃, afternoon scattered thunderstorms, also please the general public attention to prevent.

On the 8th, the subtropical highs were significantly weakened, of which 8-9 days in Shanghai there was a clear precipitation process. There was also a showers after 13 days. In addition, after the high temperature today, the city of Shanghai to ease the high temperature, the rest of the week the highest temperature in the high temperature line below the basic maintained at 32-34 ℃.

“Li Qiu” ≠ “into the autumn”! Shanghai into the autumn to late September or early October

According to the meteorological division, the average daily temperature of 5 days for days ≤ 22 ℃, the first day as the beginning of the fall date. Therefore, the real autumn of the Yangtze River than the “autumn” late one and a half months to two months.

For Shanghai, “Li Qiu” is only slightly reduced heat, the fall did not start, the real fall to a month after the end of September or early October.

In addition this year’s “dog days” a total of 40 days, August 11 – August 20 will be “the end of the volts”, August 21 was a volt. From the time point of view, this year’s “Li Qiu” just in the volt and the end of the volts. “Liqiu” solar terms, the average annual temperature of 28.4 ℃ in Shanghai, the average rainfall of 105.8 mm (Xujiahui station as a representative to August 7 to August 22 dollars). Compared to a “big summer” solar terms, the temperature has declined and the rain has increased. But individual years, Shanghai City, a great difference in temperature. For example, August 7, 2013, Shencheng extreme maximum temperature reached 40.8 ℃.

Liqiu season should tonic, pay attention to “paste autumn fat”

After the autumn, the heat gradually faded, autumn is getting stronger. As the summer heat, poor appetite, most of the weight should be reduced. In the fall, with the heat gradually faded, people’s appetite will be open, need to add some nutrition, northerners called “paste autumn fat.”

Autumn is the most suitable period of the human tonic, autumn tonic should use “anti-dry is not greasy” Such as pumpkin, lotus seeds, longan, black sesame seeds, walnuts and so on. Autumn prone to dry mouth lip cheeks and other “Qiuzao disease”, should use nourishing Runzao, benefits in the gas food, such as white fungus, lily, etc., can play Ziyin, lungs, stomach and Sheng Jin tonic effect.

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