It is more convenient for foreigners to apply for permanent residence

From April onwards, the Shanghai FTA foreign talent to apply for permanent residence more convenient and efficient channels to open up – foreign talent by the Shanghai Free Trade Area Management Committee issued the “China (Shanghai) Free Trade Experimental Zone foreign high-level talent Apply for permanent residence in China, apply for a letter, “you can apply to the Municipal Exit-Entry Administration for foreigners permanent residence permit, foreign spouses and minor children can apply with the approval period will be shortened.
This is the Ministry of Public Security to support the Shanghai Branch of the Center to build immigration policy “new ten” in the first policy of the landing, the policy clear, in line with recognized standards of foreign high-level talent, the Shanghai Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone or Shanghai Trade pilot area recommended by the CMC, can apply directly in China permanent residence.
Pudong New Area Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the City Exit and Entry Administration has repeatedly docked, and actively develop foreign high-level personnel that the standard and identification process, has been approved by the Ministry of Public Security, is expected to attract more outstanding overseas talent to take root.
With immediate effect, the institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, enterprises and other units in the Shanghai Free Trade Area can apply to the management office of the district where they are located, and recommend foreign high-level personnel who meet the recognized standards. In addition to the world-class, national and municipal well-known award winners, the Pudong New Area “Hundred Talents Program” selected, Pudong New Area “500”, the Pudong New Area, “Pudong New Area” Foreign experts, scholars, professional and technical personnel, combined with the construction of a comprehensive national science center in Zhangjiang needs, free trade area of ​​the national laboratories, engineering experiments, such as the development of a comprehensive national science and technology center, This type of talent is mainly included in the free trade area to encourage the development of different types of innovative entrepreneurial talent, especially in finance, shipping, trade institutions, foreign trade, research and development of medium-sized scientific research institutions responsible person can apply; , The headquarters of key enterprises and the “four new” enterprises, and other special expertise and superb skills and Shanghai FTA urgent need for foreign talent.
The process is divided into four steps, one is to apply, by the units where foreign talent to the area where the application submitted to the Authority and the application materials; Second, the first trial area, the District Authority to conduct the first instance, the first instance to the applicant is consistent with the identification Standards and the authenticity of the application materials for review, after the first trial reported to the new district social and social audit; third is recommended to submit, the New District People’s Social Bureau of the applicant to confirm the material review, after passing the report submitted to the Shanghai Entry and Exit Administration Pre-trial. (China) (Shanghai) Free Trade Experimental Zone, apply for permanent residence in China, apply for permanent residence, “the fourth is to apply for permanent residence, by the person or by the client with the” letter of recommendation “Apply to the Municipal Exit-Entry Administration for a permanent residence permit for foreigners.

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