Into the first day of the city into the city temperature will reach 37 ℃ 14 days ago or extreme high temperature

Shencheng today into the volts, the days of Shanghai for the year is the most hot period of the year. This period is characterized by sunny heat, little rain, high temperature. On the first day of the volley, the highest temperature in Shanghai will reach 37 ℃! And the next 8-10 days will continue to high temperature hot weather in Shanghai, extreme high temperature is expected to reach about 38 ℃.

Into the first day of Shanghai City, the highest temperature is expected to reach this year up to 37 ℃

Yesterday, Shanghai ushered in this year’s fifth high temperature day, Xujiahui station reached a maximum temperature of 36 ℃. But the next few days, Shanghai City, the temperature is only higher, not the highest. Shencheng today officially entered the dog days, the temperature is expected to soar to the highest temperature since this year 37 ℃! In addition this heat is not short, is expected this year will be 40 days. According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, Shanghai from July 12 officially into the volts, the initial estimate is expected to July 21. In the time for the July 22 to August 10, the dog days will be from August 11 to August 20. Every year into the volts of time is not fixed, the length of the volt is not the same.

Sunny, high temperature, less rain is the characteristics of the day

Another day for the sake of Shanghai is the most hot period of the year, sunny heat, high temperature is the characteristics of this period, and sometimes there will be drought. In the face of high temperatures, many people want to use precipitation to ease, but this period there is a feature that is less rain, even if there are precipitation, but also local precipitation or showers. Precipitation is also uneven distribution, intensity is also different, local areas may also appear strong convective weather. So this period of time, to remind the general public to travel before the umbrella, heat block the sun, rain rain.

The highest temperature is expected to reach 38 ℃, the next 8-10 days of Shanghai continued high temperature

Into the futian days, the next 8-10 days of Shanghai will continue to clear high temperature, there will continue more than 35 ℃ high temperature weather, extreme maximum temperature of 38 ℃ or so. According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau predicted that this extreme hot weather may appear in 13-15 days. In addition, this hot and cold weather, can easily lead to local areas of Shanghai have thunderstorms, but also may have heavy rainfall and winds and other bad weather.

In high temperature weather, to remind the general public to pay attention to heatstroke. Temperature, exposure degree, labor intensity and so are one of the factors of heat stroke. Once the heat stroke, there will be dizziness, fever, fatigue, and even coma shock situation. If not dealt with in a timely manner, may cause severe heat stroke. So once the heat stroke, must be timely transferred to the shady area, loosen or take off the heat stroke of the clothes, try to keep it comfortable posture. In addition to take the necessary medical measures, such as the early use of cool drugs, timely supplement with salt drinks. If the situation is more serious, to promptly call 120 medical treatment. Do not drink plenty of water after heat stroke, do not eat raw fruits, you can eat some easy to digest food.

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