High temperature come back! Double typhoon front foot just take the city of the highest temperature on the 37 ℃

With the two typhoons have been leaving, the city of high temperature comeback. The next few days, Shanghai will be located in the edge of the subtropical high, there will be high temperature weather, the maximum temperature is expected to reach 37 ℃. However, from 6 onwards, with the subtropical high east, the temperature will fall below 35 ℃.

Double typhoon left, Shanghai City, the maximum temperature and then washed 37 ℃

A few days ago, by the impact of double typhoon, Shanghai City, lower temperatures. But with the two typhoons continue to leave, subtropical high a few days a little “kill” back to the meaning of yesterday’s daytime heating faster, Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory once again issued a high temperature yellow warning. Baoshan highest temperature 36.0 ℃ lead the city, Xujiahui station 35.7 ℃ followed, becoming the 24th high temperature this summer day. In addition to Shanghai, with the typhoon residual low pressure on the north, most of the Soviet Union and Zhejiang will be re-controlled by the high temperature, the southern high temperature range will continue to east, northward spread.

The next few days, the highest temperature in Shanghai is expected to reach 37 ℃. From tomorrow, the local area of ​​Shanghai more thunderstorms. 6 days with the subtropical high east, the temperature will fall below 35 ℃.

No. 11 Typhoon “Nigel” generated, Typhoon No. 5 or the first super typhoon this year

Although No. 9, No. 10 typhoon has stopped numbering, but yesterday at 8 am, this year’s No. 11 typhoon “Nigel” in the southeastern Japan ocean generated. It is expected that “Nigel” will move at about 10 kilometers per hour to the northwest, but the future has no effect on our country. In addition this year’s No. 5 typhoon “Austrian deer” is still very active, yesterday is the first 12 days of its life. According to the current forecast, “Austrian deer” will survive to August 9 or so. If the “deer” can last until August 10, then it will become the Northwest Pacific nearly 67 years to the longest life of the typhoon. In addition, the “Austrian deer” is expected to become the first super Pacific typhoon in the Northwest Pacific this year, before and after 5 it will move into China’s East China Sea, when its strength may become a super typhoon level.

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