District 420 Roman column into a “bomb” has occurred more than 20 high-altitude objects

Residents living in the Emerald Bay Garden District of the World have not imagined that the 420-Roman columns that had been used as decorations had now become “high-altitude bombs” hanging over their heads. Due to the aging phenomenon, the Roman column and skirt frequently fall off, nearly two years occurred more than 20 times, not only smashed the glass room and balcony, an eighty old boss was almost hit, the residents of life and property are being threatened.

The face of the Roman column high fall threat, the property that beyond the scope of their own maintenance, and developers said it has been 2 years warranty period is not responsible. How to deal with these “high-altitude bomb”, as residents face problems.

Owners of the balcony was smashed

Recalled the scene took place on Tuesday, the Emerald Bay Garden District, No. 172, Ms. Gong is still a lingering fear.

Ms. Duan live on the first floor, July 25 evening, suddenly heard the South balcony outside the “bang” sound, the home of 80-year-old also made a scream, she hurried out to see, a huge piece of cement directly smashed The balcony of the top of the wooden beam, Yu potential will also drop a wooden floor crater. Home of the elderly just next to the cement block fell in front of the elderly, almost hit the head a little bit, the old man scared to sit on the ground.

Reporters in the section of Ms. home to see the south of the balcony still retains the brutal of being smashed. The original roof built with wooden beams was smashed a big hole, fist thick wooden beam directly smashed, the ground also has a hole, showing the power of falling stone. Ms. Duan said that the fall of the cement block has eighty or nine pounds, she can not move a person.

In fact, such a thing is not the first time. Ms. Duan told reporters that this is the last few months her home was smashed the fourth time, according to her guidelines, the reporter saw the balcony next to the glass room was smashed a mess, the top of the glass was hit two Big hole. And fell to the residents of the high-altitude objects fall, is the upstairs facade of the Roman column and skirt.

Roman column fall into the high incidence

Suffer from the risk of falling objects is not only Ms. Duan, but all the owners of the district.

It is reported that the global Jade Bay Garden District is a European-style garden district, began to stay in 2006, was the most high-end town of Sanlin one of the district. House facade with Roman column decoration, is the characteristics of the district. However, the original in order to highlight the taste of the district decorations, but now has been hovering in the head of the residents “high-altitude bomb.”

Community Industry Council member Mr. Fu introduced the district all 14 high-level are equipped with Roman column, a total of 420. Because the sun and the wind and rain, the Roman column and the skirt are beginning to aging cracking, falling from the high-altitude fall, hit the ground from time to time, according to statistics in recent years has occurred more than 20, was smashed up is the floor of the residents The balcony and the glass room, the only fortunately, there have been no residents have been hit by the situation.

“Now the district’s house age has been more than 10 years, the aging of the equipment problem is serious, the Roman column and skirt shedding has entered a high incidence.” Fu said, especially this year, high temperature lasted, the facade after exposure, if again There is a typhoon struck, it is likely to occur a large area off the incident. Under his guidance, the reporter in the district in a circle, only the naked eye observation, you can see a lot of buildings outside the facade of the Roman column and skirt cracking situation, and some have had obvious cracks, and some Has fallen off part. In some residents downstairs, but also to see the traces of Zala, residual off the cement fragments, one of the pieces fell into the ground 20 cm, exposed outside the internal structure shows that the steel has been all rusty, and very fine The

According to reports, a Roman column height of 4.5 meters, radius of 30 cm, which is reinforced, the outside is cement, falling from the sky, is tantamount to a “high-altitude bomb.” So many “bombs” hovering in the residents head, so that residents travel are careful, try to avoid the high-rise on both sides, for fear of accidentally encountered flying accident.

Two difficult problems can not be removed

Since so many “high-altitude bomb” serious threat to the owners of life and property safety, why not repair or demolition?

In this regard, the district property manager Li said that the property sector is also often received from the Roman column off the situation reflected in the past month has been two home owners were smashed, which together only 1 meter to hit the owners. Despite the critical situation, but the complete solution to the matter does go beyond the property authority. “The maintenance of the property is mainly focused on the maintenance of the public facilities in the district, the Roman column of this facade of the maintenance has been beyond the scope of the maintenance of the Roman column and skirt such a facade operation, must have high Work permits and other professional qualifications of the team can be carried out.If you want to dismantle, then one is to obtain the consent of the owners, the second is to solve the financial problems.

Previously, the industry committee has also requested the construction team to dismantle part of the Roman column, but the owners in dealing with the Roman column on the issue, there are also different views. Some owners believe that the demolition can solve the hidden dangers, but there are some owners that the demolition of the affected area beautiful, will leave a road of “scar”, was directed at the European style in this district to buy a house, not a demolition, but should In the elimination of hidden dangers on the basis of the original, the final demolition work was shelved.

The most critical issue is that financial problems can not be solved. Manager Li introduced, if you want to use the property maintenance fund, must pass 2/3 owners to vote. And even if the use of property maintenance funds, but also stretched. “Preliminary estimates, the removal of all the Roman column and skirt, do waterproof treatment, the need for more than 10 million yuan of funds, basically maintenance fund to bottom out, and then no other spare capacity to do other maintenance.” Li said, Processing, and now the property to strengthen the investigation, give priority to solve urgent problems, to help smash the owner of the home to restore the original, while to remind the owners to strengthen their own prevention, as far as possible away from the balcony and other dangerous areas.

Developers said the warranty period has been

More owners believe that the removal of Roman column funds should not be borne by the owners, that is, can not be spent from the property maintenance fund. Own money to buy a house, now because the Roman column appeared security risks, as developers should bear the responsibility.

Yongtai community party secretary Xu Long said that in order to solve this problem, in April this year, Pudong New Area government held a special meeting of the relevant departments, including community, neighborhood committees, property, developers and other relevant departments have attended the meeting.

At this meeting, as a representative of the district developers, the Shanghai Pudong Development Group Zhenfeng real estate development company responsible person that the Roman column and skirt belongs to the district of architectural ornaments, and decorations of the warranty period of 2 years, now more than The warranty period, the problem belongs to the property maintenance category, has nothing to do with the developer.

As the final can not reach an agreement, Pudong New Area, such as the establishment of the relevant departments of the proposed housing quality appraisal, commissioned by a third party to the district for housing quality testing. Yongtai community and neighborhood committees, property, industry consultation, the final identified by the Tongji University housing quality monitoring station (qualified for the Class A) for testing.

The test report recommends the removal of the Roman column

Tongji University Housing Quality Inspection Station to accept the commission, the district two high-rise professional inspection, and in July 14 issued a test report.

Reporters in the test report to see the test conclusion: two buildings decorated Roman column aging serious, and a serious shortage of material strength, internal steel corrosion serious, the basic loss of connectivity. Decorative skirt stencil thickness of about 40 mm, the prevalence of falling off and the connection is not strong situation, great danger after falling off.

As for the reasons for the fall of the Roman column and skirt, the monitoring station analysis that is due to the use of the process in the house, the Roman column aging and serious cracking and seepage, peeling, etc., resulting in internal steel and wall bolts connected part of the serious corrosion, rust Broken, lost with the main structure of the connection function, causing the risk of falling off. The reason the skirt off is due to the construction of the connection is not strong and in the course of long-term use of the skirt aging caused, and the thickness of the paint is also too large lead to the connection is not strong.

Test report that the Roman column and skirt is a decoration, has nothing to do with the structure, the current damage is increasing, the frequency of increase. For security reasons, it is recommended that the Roman column and skirt all removed, promptly remove the hidden dangers.

Three Lin Fang said developers should be responsible

However, for the Tongji University housing quality inspection station issued by the test report, developers are noncommittal, always do not respond.

Xu Long said that the test results came out, has been the first time to send a test report to the developer, but so far has not received the developer’s response. Reporters yesterday also call Zhenfeng real estate development company a manager responsible for the phone, the reporter just that identity, the other party hung up the phone, then no longer answer. And then developers in the district’s project department, has also been people to empty, can not find the relevant person in charge.

In this regard, Sanlin Town Housing Management Office Chief Zhang Bin said that according to the provisions of the main structure of the housing reasonable use of 50 years, while the Roman column and skirt belongs to ancillary facilities, developers can agree the warranty period. However, if the quality of ancillary facilities, developers should bear the corresponding responsibility, can not be completely exempt.

“Zhang Bin pointed out that now many developers like to get some gimmicks, such as decorative Roman column, wells and the like, one-sided pursuit of eyeball effect, although the beginning is qualified, but also the same, but also a lot of money Can pass the acceptance, but ignored the security risks. From the test report, the Roman column and skirt are mostly mosaic up, the connection is not strong, the time for a long time there is certainly the risk of falling off. Developers in the design should take into account these potential security risks, rather than wait until after the issue to the warranty period to shirk responsibility.

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