Shanghai, a community developer in the construction of “crooked brains” without approval on the fill river

In early July, who lives in the Pudong New Area, North Cai Town, the second phase of the residents of the city found that the south side of the plot Tang River on the other side of the river, a developer in the district seems to move in the river “crooked brains.” Previously, the residents repeatedly found that the developer will be the construction workers of domestic sewage, the site of the mud secretly discharged into the Tangji River. Observed for a few days, the residents found that the developers intend to fill the river.

The Tangji River is not only a river in Pudong, but it is a natural water view for the residents of Di Jie International City. Found that developers intend to fill the river, the residents to the “12345” and this newspaper reflects the hope that the “liberation hotline and summer action” platform to prevent this behavior.

A circle in the river began to fill the area

Received residents to reflect the reporter on July 10, July 12 has twice to the scene to understand the situation.

Tangji River is located in the Pudong New Area, North Cai Town and the town of Cambridge junction, is the two towns and rivers, wide water, water quality is also good. This east-west river flows from the west, and the east crosses the north-south center. In some map information, the river, also known as “Yinjiabang”. The inhabitants reflect the passage of the waterway to the center river. The north side of the section of the river is the Ge Jie International City; south side is Renhe City Garden Phase II in the construction of the district, by the Shanghai Jiadi Real Estate Co., Ltd. development.

Reporters in the Royal Water Village Tangji River on the west end of the point of view, not far from the south side of the river, two piling machine is under construction, Tangji River here seems to narrow. As the entire river bank south of Renhe urban garden sales center and in the construction site package into the reporter can not go directly along the river to the construction site, only from the main entrance of the site, and then around the river bank. In front of more than 100 meters south of the Hong Kong River, has been prepared before the development. The ground is completed, the river has been inserted in a hydrophilic section of the steel retaining pile with steel. After the formation of the river, this river bank looks clearly northward. On the river bank, the pile driver rumbled. In the more than 100 meters of the western coast of the river, the reporter saw the traces of fill the river: the side of the river side of the pile, the central river is also inserted into a circle of retaining piles, circled a length of about 10 meters, Meters of the rectangular area, the region has begun to fill some of the dregs, mixed with white lime water. This fill in the river, it is the reporter had seen in the water on the road to narrow the Department.

Not only the western end of the fill in the river, July 10 afternoon reporters at the scene, but also to see the eastern end of the river about 1 meter off the river center, stood three inserted half of the retaining pile, the workers are still using machinery to the river Other retaining piles. Workers said that according to the drawings, this side should also fill out about 1.5 meters, has been inserted into the three retaining piles is where the river bank to widen the maximum distance.

Fill in the river because of commercial facilities planning too close to the river?

In the river bank site, but also piled a large number of unused pillars, I do not know whether the developer has further fill river plan. But from the western end of the river has been surrounded by the part of the view, the developer fill the river area of ​​about 30 square meters. This area is certainly not enough to build a house, that developers want to do?

In the waterfront of the Renhe urban garden sales center sand table, the reporter saw the river more than 100 meters, is planning for the Renhe urban garden supporting commercial facilities, sand table a total of three two-storey building. Commercial facilities and residential buildings are separated by a Jingpu Road. Sales staff, a salesman told reporters that the three commercial facilities are in the development and construction, the future may be set up some food and beverage, supermarkets and other living needs of the state.

Reporters asked the salesman to build commercial facilities Why fill the river? The other side is not clear, said he was just sales, construction links do not understand. Can not help reporters repeatedly asked, the other perfunctory that fill the river may be “construction needs”, and other commercial facilities will be removed. The reporter returned to the river bank construction site, once again asked several workers are operating pile driver. Facing the question, the workers seem very cautious, repeatedly stressed that in accordance with the drawings construction, the specific intention to ask “total package.”

At this time, a job pile driver attracted the attention of reporters. The piling machine is about 3 meters from the shore, and if the piling position is the location where the commercial facilities are built, the commercial facilities are too close to the river! Reporters on December 1, 2003 from the implementation of the “Shanghai Urban Planning Management Technical Regulations (Land Use Building Management)”, of which Article 40 clear, along the river planning blue line on both sides of the new, expansion of buildings, River planning Blue line distance in addition to the planning requirements, no less than 6 meters. Obviously, the banks on the commercial facilities under construction, and did not meet the concession 6 meters standard. Reporters on the inferred that the developer fill the river is probably to let the shops to meet the “distance from the river bank concessions 6 meters” requirement.

River management department confirms developer violation

Dijie International City residents told reporters that the development of the other side of the district in the process, the district residents hit a “river battle.” As early as 2015, when the river was all the construction workers of the shed, the residents found that workers living a variety of sewage, garbage and even stool all straight into the river. The weather is hot, the river is stench. Residents repeatedly complained, when the town of Kangqiao environmental protection departments to take regulatory measures. Just before the river was filled, the inhabitants found the site to pour muddy water into the river. In addition, in the eastern part of this river there are a lot of construction waste, environmental waste piled up the shore.

Does the developer’s behavior damage to the river have caused the attention of the river management department? In accordance with the city to promote the “river system” requirements, the river side should be a “river long public signs”, marked the basic situation of the river, the river name, supervision of telephone, etc., to facilitate complaints from residents to report. Reporters along the river has been eastward, but failed to find the river long card, only in a bridge found a “river daily cleaning responsibility area” brand. Brand clear, Tangji River River supervision unit for the North Cai town urban construction center.

Reporters call the brand on the phone, the other party has changed its name to “North Cai town grid center.” However, this brand on the written “regulation”, just refers to cleaning. As the Tangji River is the two towns of the river, cleaning is North Cai and Cambridge are responsible for half. As for the supervision of illegal river filling, to find the water sector. Reporters then call the Pudong New Area River Management Affairs Center. Staff told reporters that the Tangji River from the administrative divisions on the town of Kang Bridge, river management and management center should be under the jurisdiction of Zhou Pu. According to the Regulations on the Administration of River Management in Shanghai, sporadic channels are permitted to be landfilled, subject to the permission of the water department. The parties shall go to the water administrative department for the construction audit procedures, complete the river according to the requirements and implement the corresponding flood control measures Fill the river. However, according to the Pudong New Area River Management Affairs Center verification, Tangji River River fill river has not been approved permission, is a violation of the river.

The river management service center has informed the urban management department of the relevant circumstances so that it can be investigated and dealt with. July 12, the reporter interviewed in the field, just met urban management law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers to view the scene, asked the developer to immediately stop working, and then issued a notice to the developer.

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