Continuous high temperature days 2 old people died in the hot sun heat stroke

July 24, Pudong Nanhui area has two elderly people were found dead in the hot sun, and medical treatment of heat stroke patients also increased a lot more than usual.

Reporters learned that on the 24th evening around 6 o’clock, Pudong Nanhui area Shanghai and South Road, far from the road junction of a corn, a 76-year-old old man was found lying on the ground unconscious, 120,110 after the report quickly Rushed to the scene disposal, found that the old man skin was burned, and ultimately confirmed the death.

Witnesses Kang aunt introduced: “I asked my husband: that old man to see it? My husband said about the roadside? I went to buy a watermelon, go home from the door when the look: the old uncle are black out I was frightened, and hurried to run over to let them go and get into trouble!

According to eyewitnesses, the old man had been working on the farm in the morning, and the weather was so hot. Kang aunt had advised him, but he may not take seriously. Kang aunt said: This old man has high blood pressure. Therefore, the old man’s death should be a combination of factors.

Coincidentally, Yesterday, Wyatt Road, Salt Road, a farmer home also happened when the old man fainted at the door of the accident, 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene and found that the old man has died. 120 emergency personnel said: he was hot blistering. Their families said the elderly usually good body, I do not know what causes accidents.

According to the Pudong Hospital, the first wounded wounded Wang said that the recent heat stroke patients they received, mostly because of high temperature in the field, coupled with their physical condition is not very good, and often have underlying disease, which appeared discomfort. Heat stroke situation showed high incidence, the hospital also increased the proportion of doctors to better rescue the patient.

Pudong Hospital, Department of first aid trauma Wang Shuyun introduction: “Recently heat stroke patients have such a few trends: first, are in the wild high temperature environment, the elderly, there are basic diseases, especially the nerve, mental illness. Often with dizziness, chest tightness reflected in these patients are often very high body temperature, serious or even a sense of disorder.

“For these patients, we organize the power, the rescue room arranged some manpower.The original rescue room is a doctor, and now we have arranged three to four doctors.We not only day and night, especially in the middle class, 6 o’clock To 10 points, the patient is particularly large.Now we rescue the room, receiving patients every day, about 40,50, more than the original increase more than 1 times.

July 24 day, Pudong Hospital received 8 cases of related cases, including one mild, 7 severe cases, and now 4 people in hospital treatment.

Wang suggested that the elderly children to give parents more care and care. To understand the heat stroke and prevention and treatment and other related knowledge, and to be enough attention. In the suburbs of the earth, the elderly, farmers more heat stroke, Pudong Nanhui area many residents hard and simple, thrift. Some old people could not bear to eat and wear, refused to taxi, character fortitude (Shanghai dialect: more hard), young is bitter, old to live frugally, tirelessly.

The doctor introduced, there was an old man walking on the road a few kilometers, and finally in the hot sun, fainted to the ground. And severe heat stroke can cause fever, which is a fatal acute, mainly manifested as high fever and mental disorders, can be involved in brain, liver, heart, kidney and other organs, the mortality rate can be as high as 60% For the case of forced heat-borne disease and non-surgical heat-borne disease. Tactile heat shock disease mainly in the high temperature, humidity, no wind in the heavy physical labor or severe physical education when the disease, mostly healthy young people, with a lot of sweating, high mortality.

Non-exertional heat-borne disease mainly in the high temperature, living environment closed the elderly frail people in the disease, the performance of the skin dry heat, redness, no sweat, and even behavioral abnormalities, epileptic seizures, shock, heart failure, life threatening. When the weather is hot, drink plenty of water, do not walk in the hot sun for a long time, so as to avoid accidents. Some of the heat stroke is not the beginning of the fever, may be dizzy, fatigue, eat nothing.

If these early symptoms can be given timely attention, these patients may not be developed to the back so serious, only to the hospital. Therefore, the public should have some knowledge of the prevention and treatment of heat stroke, in high temperature weather must drink plenty of water. The key is not to go out for a long time in high temperature weather, especially at noon. In the sun below the risk of walking is very large, because the sun direct accident.

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