City CDC experts explain: Hong Kong influenza is not a virus does not change

As of the day before yesterday, the Hong Kong flu has caused 327 deaths. In mid-July, Hong Kong flu positive detection rate of 40.86%, more than since the winter of 2015, 38.71% peak. The number of deaths or even more than the 2003 SARS virus directly lead to the death toll.

Is there really a big outbreak of influenza in Hong Kong? Is the virus mutated as reported by individual media? What is the current influenza surveillance situation in Shanghai this year? This reporter interviewed the Shanghai CDC infectious disease prevention and control of the Department of Acute Infectious Diseases Pan Hao doubts doubts.

Hong Kong flu to “Xia Feng” based

Hong Kong is located in South China, the peak incidence of influenza and Shanghai are different. In general, the Hong Kong flu peak to “Xia Feng” mainly in Shanghai is divided into “summer peak” and “winter peak”. Hong Kong flu summer peak for July to September. From the current monitoring situation, regardless of the number of patients, the death toll were not obvious abnormalities. There was no outbreak of influenza in Hong Kong.

Many people are very sensitive to the news that 327 people are killed. In fact, after suffering from influenza, a small number of cases do have complications, very few serious cases will die. However, compared to SARS virus and MERS virus, influenza virus mortality is not very serious.

Is the flu virus mutated?

At present, the official website of the Hong Kong Department of Health said the virus did not change, still H3N2 flu. Some academics argue that the flu has a small antigenic variation (N121K). The statement has not yet been confirmed.

Influenza virus is divided into A, B, C type three. A virus often cause influenza outbreaks, B virus often cause limitations of the epidemic, C virus generally only caused by the distribution, less popular. Virus in accordance with hemagglutinin (H), neuraminidase (N) is divided into 18 species. This spring, Shanghai to detect the influenza virus for the H3N2 flu, followed by influenza B was popular. Into summer, H3 flu once again occupy the “mainstream”. They all belong to seasonal flu. But the overall monitoring situation tends to be stable.

Will the outbreak of influenza fall in Shanghai this fall?

For some experts put forward the “Shanghai autumn and winter may be an outbreak of influenza,” saying that there is no clear evidence. The outbreak of influenza depends on two points: whether the current virus is a serious mutation and the ability of the immune antibody. Monitoring the situation from the city, influenza activity is stable.

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