China International Animation Game Expo on the first day of “fans” enthusiastic

The 13th China International Cartoon Fair (CCG EXPO 2017) opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on July 6th (CCG EXPO 2017). 9 o’clock in the morning, the audience has been a long queue, the venue more animation fans lined up 3 hours to buy favorite peripheral products.
In the booth area of ​​the exhibitor’s home, the staff hand-held signs are currently queued for about 3 hours. Has been arranged for nearly 2 hours of fans who have explained to reporters, “other places to buy the hands are the primary colors, and this exhibitor this time there are many different hands, very rare so the row of people particularly “
CCG EXPO 2017 COSER (role-playing). Zhang Ji-ping photo
Reporters learned at the scene, because it is a working day, most of today to CCG EXPO site visits are students, many COSER (role-playing) are high school students or junior high school students. Many exhibitors at the scene have set up a variety of interactive experience link.
In a binge video site on the booth, specifically from Anhui to Shanghai to see the show Fang Yu live registration to participate in the show, she sang the “981” attracted the audience bursts of cheers. Fang Yu told reporters that he and a group of like-minded friends like the animation theme of the original Chinese songs, this courage to live on the scene of the show, but also want to share with you the charm of Chinese original songs.

Exhibition of the central hall of the “Chinese creation myth” project theme exhibition. Zhang Ji-ping photo
It is reported that this CCG EXPO exhibition area of ​​53,000 square meters, attracting Disney, million generation, home, Tencent animation, Youku animation and other exhibitors 350 exhibitors. The CCG EXPO’s public sector will last for 5 days and will end on July 10.
In addition, in order to show the “ingenuity – the creation of Chinese mythology and art creation project” to the majority of young people, the Organizing Committee has created the theme area of ​​”China Creation Myth” in the central hall of the exhibition, with 17 Chinese and national characteristics Comic show stunning exhibition, let the audience appreciate the ancestors of China to open up the times, to create the world’s fine, gas, God, in the pleasant browsing and appreciation of the inspiration.

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