“Charming Shanghai” city promotion activities — grand opening of creative Shanghai Exhibition

The evening of July 3, “charm of Shanghai” city promotion activities – creative Shanghai exhibition in Brussels Chinese culture center grand opening. Chinese Embassy in the European Union Mission Culture and Culture Department Public Li Jianmin, Chinese Embassy in Belgium Cultural Counselor to the sea, the Shanghai Municipal Government News Office delegation head Jiang Xun, deputy head of Sun Weixing, Brussels Chinese Cultural Center Deputy Director Tan Shu, Shanghai Oriol Freixa Matalonga, Deputy Director of the Center of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Representative, Clémentine Barzin, Brussels Municipal Government, And the Director of Culture, Mr. Monica Urian, director of creative Europe, attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
The opening ceremony, Sun Weixing introduced to the guests of this unique exhibition, both to show the style of Shanghai photography, highly designed posters and colorful Jinshan farmers painting, there are sophisticated chic, full of elements of the Shanghai culture Handicrafts and reflect the “city, make life better” 3D photo exhibition, as well as China’s first VR city image film “flying over Shanghai”, in a variety of ways vividly to the Belgian friends about the story of Shanghai.
Brazan thanked the organizers for the opportunity to experience the charm of Shanghai in close proximity to the heart of Brussels in the heart of Brussels, and it was a blessing to be able to develop further Brussels and Shanghai, China.
Yuri praised Shanghai as the inspiration for the Muse city, especially after she had just flying through the 3D picture in Shanghai, the feeling of more profound. Shanghai, a member of the UNESCO-based creative city network, has been the focus of attention from the European Union, and the cultural and creative industries will further increase the Sino-EU cooperation, she believes that the prospects for cooperation between the two sides is very broad.
Speaking at the opening address of the Brussels China Cultural Center was founded, “Zhang Fung Ren and Belgium” Art Exhibition also has a nearly a hundred years ago in Shanghai, today we once again in the center of the new Shanghai, a first to embrace all foreign cultures Shanghai, a charming, warm hospitality of Shanghai, one has never been disappointed after the Shanghai.
Jiang Xun then in his speech, with strong data to show the development of Shanghai cultural and creative industries: 2016 Shanghai Wenchuang industry continues to maintain rapid growth, the added value of 331 billion yuan, accounting for Shanghai’s gross domestic product of 12.1% 5 years ago, nearly 90% growth, as a real estate industry in Shanghai to achieve steady growth, adjust the structure, to promote the transformation of an important starting point in the Shanghai economic restructuring and upgrading play a leading and leading role. By 2020, plans to form a significant influence on the innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship center, the design capital of Shanghai, fashion capital, cultural brand capital. The development of this cultural cause can not be separated from international exchanges, especially between cities and cities. He very much welcome the creative industry in Brussels to participate in the development of Shanghai, sharing the fruits of development, to achieve mutually beneficial win-win situation.
At the opening ceremony, Shao Zhuqing presented the crystal model of Shanghai Center to Brussels Chinese Culture Center. Li Jianmin, Jiang Xun, Yuri and Matronka jointly opened the exhibition.


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