An old woman in Shanghai wears 9 rings, 7 fingers and some are embedded in the meat

10 fingers and 9 rings, 7 of them still can not be taken.
This is the experience of a more than 70 year old lady. Because love, the old lady to wear 9 rings, half a month ago found that the ring has been inserted into the meat, there are 7 can not take, and finally in the joint efforts of fire officers and men, and then successfully escape. This is the “wayward” Granny third times, because take the ring, pointing to fire officers and men for help.
In June 30th this year, Shanghai Beijing Road Fire Squadron, Hongkou fire squadron received at the operation room of Shanghai No.1 People’s Hospital for help: a more than 70 year old lady wearing 9 rings, take 2, 7 still stuck in the fingers, the doctors tried a variety of ways can not take off.
On the spot, the old lady wore inappropriate rings for a long time, causing congestion and swelling of her fingers. The most serious one was the ring. The ring had been embedded in the meat. The old man was so badly hurt that he came to the hospital for help. In the face of the situation, the doctor was at a loss what to do.
After receiving help, Beijing Road Fire Squadron, Hongkou fire squadron rushed to the scene and found the old lady fingers are necrosis of the danger, immediately take measures to 3 without serious ring quickly removed, and then use a specially equipped ring short tool, take the rest of the ring.
The old man’s right hand ring finger was the most serious, and the ring had grown with the meat. The doctor had to cooperate with the fireman to perform the operation”. After two hours of fighting, he succeeded in taking off the ring. At this point, the old man’s fingers have been shocking, she also on their unreasonable way to wear regrets.
According to the Hongkou fire squadron leader Jiang Yunfei introduced, the old man had to Hongkou fire squadron took three rings. Every time she took it out, she would wear it again in a few days. I thought the fireman could take it off as usual, but I didn’t know the danger was beyond my imagination.

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