90 or after the purchase of a generation of more than half of respondents do not want to buy a house down the quality of life

Singapore media said that the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Blue Book shows that about 30% of college graduates after graduation, living area of ​​less than 20 square meters, but relative to the size of the area, they are more Hope to improve the quality of life. These more valued personal values ​​after 90 college graduates, may become “do not buy a generation.”

According to the Singapore “Lianhe Zaobao” website reported on July 17, China’s first-tier cities in the high prices, and 90 after the young people on the pursuit of quality of life and the concept of change, is the birth of young apartment rental. Interview industry insiders said that if you can form a healthy business model, and get policy support, youth rental apartment is a way to stabilize the first-tier cities rent and housing prices.

Beijing, a private staff Liu Hui (25 years old) recently from the shared housing moved out, to the monthly rent of 4200 yuan of youth apartments.

Reported that the less than 20 square meters of a room space, every month to spend half of Liu Hui monthly salary, but she still think that value for money. She said happy, more than 1,800 yuan per month, in exchange for a comfortable and beautiful every day, of course, worth it

According to a survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in the Blue Book, about three percent of college graduates have lived in less than 20 square meters a year after graduation, but they want to improve their quality of life relative to the size of the area. These more valued personal values ​​after 90 college graduates, may become “do not buy a generation.”

According to the survey, with their own housing, still 90 graduates after the rigid demand, but only one-third of them to accept “in order to buy a house, I am willing to reduce the quality of life”; another 55% of the graduates after 90, If you want to carry a heavy mortgage, I would rather not buy a house.

Liu Hui rental housing area second – hand housing average price of nearly 70,000 yuan a square meter. If you buy a set of 60 square meters of a living room, at least 4.2 million yuan. She said the economic account rental housing than wise: “Even if the parents have money to pay 1.2 million yuan, the remaining 3 million yuan 30 years also mortgage, the monthly supply of more than 18,000 yuan, and 300 million on the bank financial management, Monthly income of 15,000 yuan. “

In fact, first-tier cities up to 40 times the price income ratio, has affected the young people’s purchasing power and willingness. Data show that 2013 to 2016, Beijing, Shanghai, the first purchase age from 30 years old to 34 years old. Young people to extend the rental time, to a certain extent, also means that the recognition of rental life.

Dong Li, who also rents a young apartment, said: “There is not much room for economic stress, and there is no need to worry about the toilet, the lights and other life trivia, you want to quit, change jobs, change the city, can be arbitrary.

According to the National Health Commission issued the floating population development report shows that in 2015, China’s floating population of 247 million people in 2020 will increase to 282 million in 2030 reached 327 million people, that is, more than ten years later, A fifth of China’s population will be in the midst of migration.

Reported that the frequent flow of people in the case of rent is undoubtedly most people prefer to live. A real estate agency released a report shows that in 2015 China has nearly 160 million people rented in 2020 will reach 190 million in 2030 will have 270 million people to become tenants.

A large group of tenants, with 90 after the main rental groups on the apartment’s favor, making large housing prices, hotel groups and Internet companies on the youth rental apartment market enthusiasm plus.

Reported that, in addition to housing prices, Internet companies are optimistic about the upgrading of the rental market. Alipay together mushrooms to enter the rental market; millet founder Lei Jun billion investment YOU + international youth apartments. In addition, some well-known hotel group also hatch out the fun, cube and many other single brand apartment community.

According to reports, although the youth apartments cater to the concept of young people’s consumption, rent from the past had to become a way to enjoy life, public opinion and many people also called on young people to rent, do not buy a house; but most of the respondents Said that if the conditions, but also consider buying a house. One has paid the first payment, IT industry, surnamed 90, said: “Men did not name under the house, it is difficult to find the favorite girl.”

Reported that, in order to stabilize the overheated real estate market, the Chinese government in the strict purchase at the same time, also began to encourage the development of the policy from the rental market. June 2016 issued a document clearly support the lease business, the first time allowed to commercial buildings, such as converted into rental housing. December 2016 Central Economic Work Conference to mention the development of housing rental market.

In addition, the next five years, Beijing plans to build 1.5 million housing units, of which 500,000 sets of rental housing, housing supply structure in Beijing accounted for one-third.

“The increase in the supply of rental properties will help to hit the high prices of big cities,” said Yan Yuejin, director of the Center for Research and Research at the Institute.

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